Industrial processes

Specific requirements for industrial processes

Many industries use high cooling capacities for different processes, which last only a few hours per day.
Others run 24 hours per day but have peak cooling loads for several hours.
Most of them have high cooling needs when electricity is the most expensive.
Finally once their process are launched, they cannot be stopped, hence a back-up cooling capacity is a guarantee in case of problems.

Among those industries are included :
» Food industries (meat, fish, dairy, industrial kitchens)
» Drink industries (Breweries, soft drinks, bottling plants)
» Cold storages
» Health industries (pharmaceutical, laboratories)
» Chemical industries, petrochemicals and refineries
» And many others

Benefits yielded by Cryogel cold storage technologies for Industries

» Cooling installation investment is often lower with Cryogel thermal Storage than classical systems
» Operating costs savings (demand charge and energy cost reduced)
» Highly reliable system as the ice capsules are dry stacked
» Maintenance is as low as possible.
» The cooling capacity stored is available immediately and can be used as a cold energy source backup when the chillers are stopped. Once loaded, the stock requires very little energy to be maintained
» Ice storage uses 4 to 5 times less space than chilled water storage


How does it apply to your own installation ?

Each case being particular, please contact us for a detailed and custom analysis.
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