Supermarket with on-peak - Load profile

Specific air conditioning requirements for supermarkets

» These places are open for about 13 hours per day
» Heat loads are directly linked to external conditions and the number of persons present inside the building
» The air conditioning variation is high during the day
» They are empty during the night
» The air conditioning is on about one hour before the center opening hours, in order to welcome customers in a controlled temperature environment


Benefits yielded by Cryogel cold storage technologies for such installations

» Chillers capacity is greatly reduced as part of the load is provided by the cold energy accumulation during the night
» Smaller electrical installation
» Lower operating costs due to a reduction in peak utility usage, maintenance and more efficient use of chillers
» Less space required for cooling towers and chillers
» An emergency source of cold in case of a temporary electrical blackout


How does it apply to your own installation ?

Base assumptions:
» The building is open from 10.00 am till 11.00 pm, air conditioning is switch on as of 9 a.m.
» During the night, the chillers are used for storing cold energy
» Cooling needs are covered by direct production associated with an Ice Spray system


You can use the sheet below for a first-cut simulation based on these assumptions :

You have specific requirements differing from these first assumptions ? Please contact us for a more detailed and custom analysis.
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