Air conditioning theaters

theaters cooling load profile

Specific air conditioning requirements for these buildings

  • » All these places are subject to high air conditioning needs for limited periods of time
  • » Large chillers have to be installed to run only for a few hours
  • » Costly energy installations and electrical demand charges
  • » Compressors noise a potential nuisance


Benefits yielded by Cryogel cold storage technologies for such buildings

Since a large period of time is available to store thermal energy during a 24 H period :

  • » Chillers capacity can be significantly reduced
  • » Smaller electrical installation
  • » Lower operating costs due to a reduction in peak utility usage, maintenance and more efficient use of chillers
  • » Less space required for cooling towers and chillers
  • » Cooling towers and chillers can even remained idle during performances to prevent any noise interference


How does it apply to your own installation

Base assumptions :

  • » Air conditioning is needed from 7.00 pm to midnight
  • » Chillers are used to store cooling energy during the remaining 19 hours
  • » Cooling needs are only covered by Cryogel Ice Spray System during performances


You can use the sheet below for a first-cut simulation based on these assumptions :

You have specific requirements differing from these first assumptions ? Please contact us for a more detailed and custom analysis.
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