Airclima Research technologies evolution
30 years of dedicated research for the most reliable and economical Thermal Energy Storage solutions. Airclima research owns several state-of-the art technology patents.

The new exclusive Ice Capsule design, taking over the former Ice Balls ans Ice Containers, along with the Ice Spray System have been launched in 2005 after 10 years of experiments and in-situ full scale testing worldwide.

These latest best performing solutions for ice storages are only available from commercial affiliate Cryogel France, in charge of their marketing worldwide.



Designer, manufacturer and marketer of Ice Thermal Storage systems turnkey projects


Commercial Air conditioning for private or public sector, district cooling loops
Refrigeration: food, dairy, pharmaceutical industries, ice rings,…
Cold Back-up : Data Centers, industries, hospitals, …
Gas turbines generators performances increase


CRYOGEL was founded in 1986. The founders, with 30 years of experience and hundreds of references currently in use worldwide, have pooled their expertise to develop a unique product, the “Ice Container”, the “Ice Capsule” and the “Ice Spray” system, for the most reliable and the most economical ice storage systems.
Jean Patry, Airclima-research CEO has patented all Encapsulated Ice Thermal Storage technologies and often takes part to world conferences regarding these thermal storages.
He also published several books in French including « LE STOCKAGE DE FROID appliqué à la climatisation et aux centrales frigorifiques » available on this link.


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EDF Energies nouvelles, important player in the field of renewable energies (wind, solar) and energy management.

INCOPLAS: Manufacturer of concepts, bottles and plastic technical parts


Cryogel leadership team

Cryogel management , from left to right : Claude Reboul, Jean Patry and Tristan Robert