gas turbines

Specific requirements for gas turbines

» Gas turbines are mainly used to produce electricity during on-peak periods
» Those peak hours often occur during the hottest hours of the day
» The ice storage is used to reduce the air inlet temperature in order to increase the gas turbine power
» Lower is the air temperature sucked by the turbine, better is its heat rate
» The energy required to lower the temperature of the ambient air varies with the location climate. The hotter and more humid is the air e.g. tropical climates, the more energy is needed


Benefits yielded by Cryogel cold storage technologies for gas turbines

» For Gas Turbines, Cryogel has developed a dedicated solution: the IceTurboost
» The IceTurboost cools the inlet air temperature during on-peak hours
» Up to 25% additional capacity delivered by the Turbine
» Heat Rate improved by over 6 points
» The IceTurboost stores the energy during a large period of time reducing Chillers capacity used for the storage and the operating costs
» The use of an ice storage is the most economical solution to increase a turbine capacity
» Gas turbines operating with a lower temperature of air inlet have an extended life and reduced maintenance costs

How does it apply to your own installation ?

Base assumptions :
» The Gas Turbine sucks 3.25 kg of air per second and per Megawatt
» The IceTurboost is used 5 hours per day
» The Ice Thermal Storage is done with the Cryogel « Ice Spray »


You can use the sheet below for a first-cut simulation based on these assumptions :

Under development

You have specific requirements differing from these first assumptions ? Please contact us for a more detailed and custom analysis.
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