10 June 2013

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10 June 2013,

This is one of the largest sports infrastructure projects (550,000 sqm)
in the world. It includes :
• An Olympic Stadium of  55,000 seats, equipped with a movable roof.
• An indoor stadium of 12,000 seats.
• An aquatic center of 6000 seats.
• Commercial covered surfaces of  41,000 sqm.
Cost of works: € 800 million.
Realization period: 2010-2014.
All buildings will be air conditioned, there-including the Olympic Stadium. The cooling capacity required for the entire project is 40 MW ; it will be cooled by a refrigeration unit of 20 MW and an “ice storage” system which will deliver an additional cooling capacity of 20 MW.
This storage will occupy a volume of 2000 m3 of ice.

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